What happens when CATSAR gets a mission?

Once you meet some training and equipment prerequisites to go on a mission, your name and number will be placed on a phone list. When CATSAR receives a call-out, a few volunteers are assigned to call our members on the phone with some basic information about the subject and search location and ask if you are willing and able to respond to the mission. Typically CATSAR phone lists are broken down into two groups, those in and around Quemado and those in and around Datil, so that long distance calls are kept to a minimum. If you decide to respond to a call-out, you will be given the mission number and either the location of the Base Camp, or a meeting place and time where other CATSAR members are gathering to drive in a convoy to Base Camp. Since call-outs can occur after gas stations are closed, we suggest you always keep vehicle fuel tanks full enough to do a 150-mile trip.

Wilderness Emergency?

Call 9-1-1!

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