Call Outs

How often does CATSAR get called out for search missions?

In 2013, CATSAR was called out for seven missions, with the typical yearly average being 4-5. In 2014 we had three, and in 2015, a typical four missions. Statewide, the number of annual missions is typically 150+, but showing a declining trend in last few years as more people are carrying cell phones and using GPS devices. Since our area of the state has a very low population density, we don't see nearly as many searches in District 11 (Sierra, Socorro, and Catron Counties) as the districts closer to larger (and less outdoors savvy) populations such as Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Las Cruces. Our missions tend to happen during the summer and fall months when more hunters, hikers, and campers are out in the forests. Call-outs can happen at any hour, but it's pretty common to have them occur during the middle of the night. Since District 11 is a large geographic area, our call-outs usually entail a lengthy drive to reach the search area and sometimes we spend more time driving to and from the mission than on actual search activities.

Wilderness Emergency?

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